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The Journey Continues

As a yankee infiltrator, it has been amazing to take in Nashville and grow alongside it’s ever expanding skyline. It took eleven years, but I am now almost comfortable pairing a Stetson hat with Birkenstock sandals without fear of emasculation from a more deservedly honest cowboy! #FashionIsFashion

I was drawn to the wellspring that brought us the delta blues, funky southern soul and the rock and the roll. I was enthralled by the rich musical history but sold by the small town feel and southern generosity of the Nashville recording community. Perhaps it was fate that I landed a gig at Nashville’s source for analog tape and would soon be shipping reels to Sun Studios; the birthplace of rock n’ roll. Starting there at a time when digital had recently become the dominant recording medium proved to be a wonderfully unique experience and education.

Since 2007, I have committed to keeping the art and sound of analog reel to reel recording alive and worked to aid artists in capturing their sounds to record be it via analog or digital media. In that spirit, I am excited to announce that I have opened Nashville Recording Supply. We are an online retailer dedicated to providing artists, engineers and recording studios with the supplies they need to keep their sessions rolling. Per tradition, we also offer free weekday deliveries to Nashville's Music Row and Berry Hill studio communities.

The songs. The grooves. The telecasters. The twang. Nashville is a music machine and it has been my honor to serve and work alongside such amazingly talented artists and engineers. I hope and look forward to continuing that journey with you for many years to come!